I often meditate on the example HH Dhanurdhara Swami used in his series of seminars in  Christ Church, New Zealand in February this year – building on Prabhupada’s example of a hand being cut off from the body, instead of supplying the food to the mouth/ stomach and thus nourishing the whole body. He said that the hand, acknowledging its connection to the body, need not be limp and withered, but should be beautiful, strong and dexturous.

This weekend I taught yoga for the first time at Cafe Atma. Despite still recovering from a tummy bug, and the night before only having about 3 hours sleep, I leapt out of bed on Saturday morning excited, enlivened and determined to do this service to the best of my ability, whilst being humbled enough by my bodily limitations (and not to mention pretty bare-boned yoga experience and knowledge!) to practise detachment and dependence on Krsna.

The class went really well, and I felt so much upliftment, expansion and potential. Since then I have felt a steady surge of inspiration, not only in pursuit of more yoga in my life, but in all spheres physical, mental and in my spiritual practises. Doing something which I love, is in my nature and I believe to be so valuable to uplift and outreach to others has a knock-on effect to the things which I may not feel so strongly towards – like washing dishes, blissful as it can be 🙂

This week I feel renewed focus, determination and enthusiasm to invest my heart into my japa meditation, reading scriptures and sankirtan. Not sentimentally, and not expecting it to all slot into place like magic, but in a grounded, tangible, real way.

As a person who is so naturally inclined to extremes and “blacks and whites”, I’m still finding my own unique “grey” balance in my service and surrender, but to me this feels like a break in a cycle that I’ve repeated countless times, swinging like a pendulum between “super simple selfless servant” (unsustainable) and “self-involved servant of the senses” (unspiritual!).

I pray that I and all devotees may evolve to embody their perfect potential and dexterity as servants to the Whole body, Krishna.


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